Strategic. Commercial. Investment. Real Estate.

Triple Net Ventures LLC is a real estate private equity firm with an investment mandate on the acquisition of commercial properties with one recognizable common denominator-- opportunity.  The primary objective of each of our commercial investment advisors is to generate high, absolute, risk-adjusted returns which deliver strong multiples of invested equity to the partner client. 

An experienced and reputed turnaround specialist, Triple Net's value proposition is to acquire high-yield, high-touch assets at attractive valuations and extract concealed value and latent potential with proven operational and financial management systems. 

Investment Philosophy

Triple Net employs a syndicate-oriented investment model offering partners the ability to maintain complete investment discretion.  This is structurally superior to real estate hedge funds and traditional closed-end real estate private equity funds which must deploy discretionary capital prior to termination of investment period or suffer loss of commitments. 

Offering partners the opportunity to make direct investment decisions based on desired risk/return preferences and strategic asset allocation targets ultimately enables partner clients the ability to assemble a unique self-directed, diversified real estate portfolio.


Triple Net has executed complete asset-specific analysis on several hundred million dollars in real estate assets, almost all of which have been off-market.  It is this unique access to deal flow that gives Triple Net and its partners its incomparable perspective of the market.  Our market analysis is governed by macro-economic trends, supply and demand characteristics, and overall capital market appeal.

We engage in both direct principal investments as well as joint venture partnerships in primary and secondary markets that serve as pipelines for additional investment opportunities and sources of deal flow.  We consider select preferred equity investments and can acquire properties with or without existing debt.

Triple Net Ventures LLC has the ability to perform rigorous due diligence and financial engineering based on conservative assumptions which assist in identifying and mitigating downside scenarios and understanding complex transactions requiring shortened or expedited timeframes.